a little coin game

We played little coin game  while our professors was out  and sends flashbacks from my childhood where I played a coin game where we will hit each others coins. The farther you hit the coin the boastful you are and eventually turn a good coin game into a good fist fight. haha

Remembering my childhood was a moment to smile and laugh on how stupid we were back then. Those afternoons when sneak out and swim in the lake  and climb trees that eventually one my playmates will fall and we won’t even care about him and even laugh our hearts out even though he  is in pain and at the same time laughing at his own act of stupidity.

This little coin transports me to a world that sadness and tears does not even exist,Problems and conflicts were never said and love and laughter is our main problem, The problem on how we will spend the infinite happiness we have. Our childhood is a memory that will never fail to put a smile on our faces and cherish what we are now.

Enjoy every inch of your life! seize the day! be happy!!


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