The little things count the most.

I see her and butterflies came rushing in my stomach, my words can’t go out of my vocal cords and some ego conquered myself. The feeling that you want to shout to the world that you are happy. She held my hand without knowing that It sends electrical shocks to my heart and make my heart skip it’s regular beat. The little smile that never fail to brighten my dark and cloudy day, The little twinkle in her eyes that makes me want to shout how badly I fell in love with her, The way she held my hand that makes me shout for joy and tell to every person that we pass that I am the luckiest little fat kid indeed! The way she tell her stories that makes my breathing patter irregular because of the anxiety to listen and make her feel that she is the only one you care for that particular moment. She is everything that I ever dreamed of. The little things that she do were the ones that count the most. 

Indeed I am falling in love with my beautiful and loving bestfriend.


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