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By the end of the day what do you wish to happen?

This question lingers in my mind and gave me a cerebral answering this question? 


norah: “we missed it”
nick: “this is it”

norah: “we miss…

The little things count the most.

I see her and butterflies came rushing in my stomach, my words can’t go out of my vocal cords and some ego conquered myself. The feeling that you want to shout to the world that you are happy. She held my hand without knowing that It sends electrical shocks to my heart and make my heart skip it’s regular beat. The little smile that never fail to brighten my dark and cloudy day, The little twinkle in her eyes that makes me want to shout how badly I fell in love with her, The way she held my hand that makes me shout for joy and tell to every person that we pass that I am the luckiest little fat kid indeed! The way she tell her stories that makes my breathing patter irregular because of the anxiety to listen and make her feel that she is the only one you care for that particular moment. She is everything that I ever dreamed of. The little things that she do were the ones that count the most. 

Indeed I am falling in love with my beautiful and loving bestfriend.

A little reading won’t hurt

A little reading won't hurt

Grab a book and make  your own world!

Reading a book makes you laugh, cry, nourished, smile, giggle, sad, the king or queen of the world and conquer your fear 🙂

happy reading!

a little appreciation would be nice.

People sometimes forget how to appreciate little things that life may bring to them. Things that their fellow human will do for them. I am deeply saddened on how people rudely interact to those people who love and make efforts to make them happy. They even treat them as if they don’t even care for them. They don’t even know how did these people day past and maybe they even had a bad day and their only redeeming factor is to talked to a friend about everything under the sun just to make them feel better but in reality the opposite things happen they will even argue about nothing.

Hoping and praying to appreciate every single things in life.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog friends. sorry for all the grammatical errors or even typos.

-the little fat kid

“autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower”

-Albert Camus

a little coin game

We played little coin game  while our professors was out  and sends flashbacks from my childhood where I played a coin game where we will hit each others coins. The farther you hit the coin the boastful you are and eventually turn a good coin game into a good fist fight. haha

Remembering my childhood was a moment to smile and laugh on how stupid we were back then. Those afternoons when sneak out and swim in the lake  and climb trees that eventually one my playmates will fall and we won’t even care about him and even laugh our hearts out even though he  is in pain and at the same time laughing at his own act of stupidity.

This little coin transports me to a world that sadness and tears does not even exist,Problems and conflicts were never said and love and laughter is our main problem, The problem on how we will spend the infinite happiness we have. Our childhood is a memory that will never fail to put a smile on our faces and cherish what we are now.

Enjoy every inch of your life! seize the day! be happy!!

the start of a little journey

We always starts from the little things and eventually will be the largest things that will make out world turn around. Everything started from abc to 123 and eventually became sentences and mind boggling digits. I hope you guys to join me in my little journey and explore this big world of ours. hakuna matata!!